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Making Soba

2019 October 10

Hokkaido is famous for producing high quality buckwheat which is used in making soba noodles. Ishikari produces its own soba noodles made with automated machinery, but you can experience soba-making with your own hands in this special class.

A couple from Singapore participated in this class. It was their first time to make soba, but the kind and friendly lecturers taught them man-to-man, so they could make it successfully!

The most pleasurable time was tasting time! They ate soba with tempura (a Japanese dish usually consisting of vegetables, seafood, and occasionally chicken, which have been battered and deep-fried) which the lecturers cooked for them.

One of the lecturers told me “your own hand-made soba is better than the soba of restaurants”, and I knew it was true when I saw my customers eating their own hand-made soba with happy smiles.

How about participating in “Making Soba”?

We are waiting for you in Ishikari!






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