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Ishikari Nature & Culture Walk

The Ishikari area is famous for the Ishikari River, Japan sea, and beautiful mountains.

You will walk with a licenced English-speaking guide through the  "Hamanasu no Oka Park" which is famous for 180 different kinds of wild seaside plants. This park is located on a sandbar where the Ishikari River and the Sea of Japan meet. You can pass through the park walking along the promenade which connected to the estuary of the Ishikari river. How about a picnic lunch in the clear sea air? Not only nature but Ishikari has noteworthy historical and cultural sites. There are old shrines, temples, and museums where you can find records of  Ishikari's culture and history. You will visit some historical sites. At the end of the program, you will have a relaxing time at a local onsen "Banya no Yu". Banya uses fossil salt water from ancient time


Nature & Culture
Follow the sign " Hamanasu no Oka  Park". 

Program fee

Group of 2 : 24,200 yen

*One additional adult will be charged  3,850 yen each.

*Participants must be 7 years or older and will be charged 2,200 yen each.


Requirements for participation

Minimum : 2

Maximam : 7

* Participants must be 7 years or older.

Available time period

From the beginning of May to the end of Octomber (except Tuesday)

Required time

6 Hours

*10:00 a.m -16:00 p.m


 1.Tour starts at “Hamanasu no Oka Park Visiter Center”

 2.Lighthouse in the "Hamanasu no Oka Park"

 3.Walk through the "Hamanasu no Oka Park " along with a promenade to the estury.

 4.Have a lunch pack beside the estury.

 5.Famous sculpture "Muko no Tami"

 6. Ishikari Beach Seaside Plant Conservation Center

 7.Ishikari Wind of Dune Museum

 8.The Former Nagano Shop

 9.Benten Historical Park



   ・Benten Shrine

   ・Saigoku Sanjusankasho Reijo

   ・Tarodai Amazarashi Kannon

10.Hachiman Shrine

11.Banya no Yu

12.Tour ends at Banya no Yu or Ishikari Sightseeing Center.

Included in this fee



Licensed english-speaking tour guide

Light picninc lunch

Information packet

Entrance fee of Ishikari Wind of Dune Museum, Banya no Yu ( Onsen )

Not included in this fee

Transportation fees to and from location

Personal expenses


Meeting & Breaking up location

Location to meet : In front of "Hamanasu no Oka Park Visitor Center"

 *Address : 29-1, Hamamachi, Ishikari

Location we will disband : Banya no Yu or Ishikari Seightseeing center


Banya no Yu : 57-1, Benten-cho, Ishikari

Ishikari Sightseeing Canter : Oyafune-cho 107, Ishikari
















































*Please arrive at least 5 minutes before the program start time.

*You will walk approximately 5 km (3.2 miles).

*To prevent from insect bite or sunburn, we recommend wearing a long sleeved shirt and pants. 

And comfortable shoes such as sneakers may be suitable for walking.

*As we will be walking in the wild path and beach, please be advised that your clothing may get a little dirty or wet.

*All activities will proceed in light rain weather, but we may contact you with additional instructions on the morning of the tour.

*No tattoos allowed. Please be advised that customers with tattoos will be asked to leave without refund.

*Please bring your own towels when possible. Rental towels will cost 300 yen.

*Please let us know in advance if you have any food allergies or preferences.


Cancellations by customers will be subject to the following penalty fees:

*2 days before booked date: 20% of program fee

*1 day before booked date : 50% of program fee

*On the day of tour, or No show or No contact : 100% of program fee

*After the tour starts : 100% of program fee

 - There will be no cancellation fees on the occasions where programs are altered or cancelled because of weather, soil conditions, or other unforeseeable circumstances.


By Car

1. Take Route 231 towards Ishikari for approximately 40 minutes.

2. Turn left onto Route 225 at the sign.

(Follow the sign to "Ishikarihama Beach".) 

3. You will see "Ishikari Junior High School" on your left. Keep going straight for about 5 minutes.

4. You will find the sign "Hamanasu no Oka Park". After the sign, take the middle at the junction of three roads.

5. Next, you will come to an intersection then turn right.

6. Soon, you will find a small lighthouse in a grassy area. "Hamanasu no Oka Park Visitor Center"  is across the street.


■ By Bus

From Chuo Bus Sapporo Terminal.

 ・Take the Chuo Bus bound for Ishikari.

※Approximately 60 minutes.

1. Get off at the last stop "Ishikari" and walk about 15 minutes to the visitor center.

2. You will find the sign "Hamanasu no Oka Park". After the sign, take the middle at the junction of three roads.

3. Next, you will come to an intersection then turn right.

4. Soon, you will find a small lighthouse in a grassy area. "Hamanasu no Oka Park Visitor Center"  is across the street.

Hamanasu no Oka Park ​Visitor Center


Turn left onto Rout 225 at the sign.

Ishikari Junior High School

Bus Stop "Ishikari"

If you have any questions...

After the sign, take the middle at the 
junction of three roads.
You will come to an intersection then
turn right.

For reservation...

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