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Message From Amiche International


Dear Travelers,

Your best vacation memories so far have probably included

some of the following : a golden sunset on a beach with your partner, friendly conversations with locals at cozy restaurant, walking on long, beautiful mountain trails and having that sense of achievement when you get home.

But these are probably not what you get to do at famous, crowded tourist spots. In many cases, local areas provide the splendid lasting memories.

If you are looking for a break from the busyness of the city, come and visit Ishikari city, just 15 km northeast of Sapporoーthe capital of Hokkaido. Ishikari is only thirty minutes by car from the center of Sapporo. There is an abundance of nature here, and you can experience unique outdoor activities and eat various foods from land and sea, many of which are only available in Hokkadio.

If you have been a long-time fan of Hokkaido, or even if this is your first visit, please take a day to come and see Ishikari. Our various hands-on programs will make your trip even more special and unforgettable.




Company Name : Amiche International Inc.

Address : 57-1, Hanakawa-kita 6-1, Ishikari, Hokkaido, 061-3216 Japan

Tel : +81 133 74 3823

Fax : +81 133 76 6128

President : Hiroki Ito

Ishikari river

Estuary of Ishikari River

Snow field in Ishikari

Snow field

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