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Japanese Cultural Experience

The following are some programs that will give you a chance to learn a little more about Japanese culture.

Through these activities, you can enchance your understanding of Japan and make your trip more memorable.

For more information, or to ask a question, click the title to fill out the contact form.

*Some of the programs may be held in Sapporo.

Ishikari has an Onsen (hot spring facility) called "Banya no Yu," which faces the Japan Sea. Banya means "guard house" in Japanese. Ishikari used to be a prosperous fishery region that had guard houses. The old-fashioned building of Baynya no Yu is modeled after those historical structures.

Normally, rolled sushi is made by placing ingredients inside rice and rolling it. Deco sushi (Decoration Rolled Sushi) is an elaborately arranged style of rolled sushi. Its artistic beauty will satisfy both your taste in art and plate!!

Most Japanese people love soba ( buckwheat noodles). Hokkaido is famous for producing high quality buckwheat. Ishikari produces its own soba noodles made with automated machinery, but you can experience soba-making with your own hands in this special class.

Recommended Programs

Making Soba

Making Deco Sushi

Kikizake (Sake Tasting) Lecture

&   Japanese Dinner

Making Udon

Japanese Tea Ceremony

at the Lecturer's Home

with "sumi temae"

We can arrange transportation. If you need arrangement, please contact us.

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