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Handicraft experienses

How about "Handicraft" experience? You can take your own unique work home with fun memories. We selected high sensed but not so difficult to make. If you get interest or have any quiestions, qlick each title then jump to contact form.

This is a class that teaches how to color and paint miniature houses made out of soft stone.The soft stone , which is mined in Sapporo, was formed during volcanic eruptions 40,000 years ago. The stone is light and easy to work with, and is a good material to keep homes warm. It was used extensively in key Hokkaido buildings during the pioneering days.

In this class, you get to make a gamaguchi ( Japanese style bag, pouch, or purse with a metal clasp). They are easy to make because the parts are glued together instead of using needle and thread.

This is a class that teaches how to make a beeswax candle. We use beeswax produced in Ishikari.

It is additive-free, 100% natural beeswax. How about making a special souvenir for yourself ?

Recommended Program

Making Gamaguchi

Stone Houses

Making Beeswax Candles

Making Art Cookie

Making Origami

Kirigami Experience

Dyeing wool &

Making a Felt Sheep

Making Woolen Gamaguchi

Making Honey Soap

and Lip Balm

Making Chigirie

We can arrange transportation. If you need arrangement, please contact us.

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