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Special Activities in Ishikari 

There are many exciting  activities in Ishikari.

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We are here to help you have the best time of your life!!

SUP is an outdoor activity which is gaining popularity. It will be carried out on the Hamamasu River which is surrounded by magnificent, beautiful, scenery. This class is completely private, and by advance reservation only, so you can enjoy paddling in a relaxed atmosphere.

The area of Hamamasu, which is located on the coast and surrounded by mountains, is blessed with abundant harvests of fruit. Many of the orchards are famous for producing high quality fruit. Fruit picking is an activity for both kids and adults.

The Ishikari area is famous for the Ishikari River, Japan sea, and beautiful mountains. Every season has its unique and special characterisitc. In Spring, gorgeous cherry blossoms bloom to announce that the long winter has ended. In summer, people go swimming and camping at the spectacular beaches. Autumn is harvest time, the season of delicious fruits and vegetables. Sledding, snowball fights, making snowmanーplaying in the snow is fun in the long winter. In each season, we can introduce you to the beautiful nature!!

Ishikari has noteworthy historical and cultural sites. During the Edo period (17th-19th centuries), Ishikari was the center of the salmon fishery industry. The area was the location of the main trading post between the Ainu (the indigenous people of Hokkaido). There are also old shrines, temples, and museums where you can find records of salmon fishery and learn of Ishikari's cultural history.

Agriculture is an important industry in Ishikari. The environment is favorable for farming. As soon as the snow starts to thaw, farmers begin working in the fields, where numorous kinds of crops such as rice, tomato, cucumber eggplant, potato, beans and broccoli are produced. You can try harvesting and tasting  the fresh vegetables!!

Ishikari has cozy cafes and restaurants, many of which use local fish, meats, and vegetables. Some cafes have ocean views, making your coffee stop a luxurious and relaxing time. Some restaurants serve Ishikari-nabe, a delicious local hot pot dish. Ishikari is full of delightful foods for you to try!!

Recommended Programs

​Ishikari Culture Walk

Ishikari Nature  Walk with Picnic Lunch

Recommended Programs

Ishikari Nature  & Culture Walk

​Ishikari Culture Walk & Local Izakaya

​Ishikari Nature Walk & Local Izakaya

Tomato Picking

SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard)

Honey Garden Tour

Seaside Snowshoeing

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