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Making Kirigami

2019 October 16

Kirigami (paper cutting) is one of the traditional Japanese vaudeville arts. A performer cuts a piece of paper with scissors into elaborate figures. It is often performed with music on a stage and excites the audience with its amazing speed and skill.

In this class, a professional Kirigami performer, Ms.Chiaki, will teach you how to do Kirigami. A couple from Singapore participated in this program. First, the lecturer gave a Kirigami performance and made “dragons” and “angels”. They were so surprised by her amazing sleight of hand. They said, “It is a kind of magic!”

Then, they tried making rabbits. Chiaki is a very fun person, so they couldn’t stop laughing during the lesson! After the lesson, Chiaki took requests to make kirigami. It was surprising that she could meet any of their requests.

At the end, they took a memorial photo with Chiaki. They said, “It will be a wonderful memory.”

How about participating in this program?




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