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Hamanasu no Oka Park

2019 October 9

A 60 minute drive from Sapporo toward Ishikari Beach, there is a park called “Hamanasu no Oka Park”.

It is famous for 180 different kinds of wild seaside plants and wild birds such as white-tailed sea eagles, larks and common stonechats.

There is a light house in this park which is a symbol of Ishikari. It has a history of more than 100 years, and it was used in a movie in 1957.

This park is located on a sandbar where the Ishikari River and the Sea of Japan meet. You can pass through the park while walking along the promenade which is connected to the estuary of the Ishikari River.

The magnificent and beautiful view will be an unforgettable memory of Ishikari.

We have some programs you can visit Hamanasu no Oka Park!

We are waiting for you in Ishikari!



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